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How comes?

Who can answer me?

(i)How comes Africans are unable (40 years down the line for most of them) to develop and have working systems? How comes other nations, with similar starting circumstances are now developed, and Africa continues to seek western Aid?

(ii) How comes Africans do not realize that Aid impoverishes and taken a stand against it? It has been said that “those who do not work, should not eat”.

(iii)How comes Africans have immerse resources, but are not protective of them, nor does it benefit them, but they instead sell them off at bargain prices?

(iv)How comes africans are now fleeing their nations for the western nations, instead of solving their own problems?

(i)Where did they learn that it is better to die in a Cayuco seeking a hawking lifestyle in Europe instead of finding better methods of fishing?

(ii) Where did the professionals learn that it is better to experience “brain waste” in the west, rather than force their political and economic systems to work for them in ways that they want?

(iii) How comes Africans, seeking a kind of “peace”, have never realized, that in order to have a real lasting peace, they may have to redraw their national borders? Does it require a rocket scientist to understand that language is uniting factor in a nation?


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Why are you unable to move from the 18th century to the 21st?
Why do your sons and daughters insist on living in two worlds(18th century and 21st)?
Why are you unable to control the environment?
How come you are so rich, yet so poor?
Why are your sons and daughters running away from you?
Why are your sons and daughters running away from problems, instead ofproviding solutions?
How do all those languages benefit you?
How comes your sons are obsessed with hate for one another?
Why do you maintain all those artificial national borders that do not make sense?

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On Hon. Koigi Wamwere’s article in the east African standard (September 13, 2006), I wrote him my observations, but of course I did not expect a response. Here it is (slightly edited for the blog):


Hon. Wamwere, well said. Ok, you have listed the problems, and where there is a problem, there may be a solution. How about showing us a way forward?


Problem: Africans have been made to look down on themselves: true, we all know this

Solution: Reverse this by using massive public information. We all know media shapes views.

Who can do this: The Information Ministry. What is he doing about it? What bills are you bringing up that seeks to tackle the problem as a national tragedy that needs to be immediately addressed? What legislation are you asking to put in place to reduce the consumption of American/Western media generated content ( which content we all know is very powerful in shaping one’s world views. By the way, you should see american local media: Most news about america is OK. Anytime there is news about africa or other developing nations, its almost ALWAYS negative. What do you think this does to people’s view?). Hon. Wamwere can do something about kenya’s own image locally, he has the power to. But will anybody do anything? Why, I heard the other day that the Chinese government have been allowed ( by the Kenyan government) to use KBC resources/frequencies, or whatever, to promote China; the Chinese, not doubt, having seen how successful the west has been in forming our minds, now want a piece of the action.


Problem: There is intense global competition for brains, talents and IP.

Solution: Western Nations are moving fast to set their countries at advantage, so they come up with all these programs (UK-HSMP, Canada-Skilled Worker Program, Australia-Skilled Worker Migration, USA-Green Card, and Germany/France also joined in) whose aim are to poach very highly educated professionals from other nations ( Africa, having highest % of professionals people seeking to jump ship, is one of the greatest victim).


What has Kenya done to protect its people from this? What is the ministry of information doing? Where is the public information that seeks to let our people know about the long term downsides of all these “good” programs. Who is telling our professionals that most of them will experience massive down-sizing in their lifestyle once in the west and that some ( 42% according to some estimates.) will experience “brain waste”? ( There is at least a group of folks at mwalimu.com that attempts this, in a small way but Hon. Wamwere is in a position to do this in a big way)


Problem: Africans seek solution outside of themselves, true, we know that; For example, just look at all the professionals who are willingly abandoning their “great” jobs in Kenya any time they feel they are not happy enough or they could do better by migrating to the USA, Canada, the UK, or Australia through the above mentioned programs.

Solution: Where is the public education/information that tries to influence these people’s world view? Who is telling them that the majority of immigrants take 3-5 years before they can have decent job equivalent to what they left behind in Kenya? Who is telling them that their accent and color will work against them in either landing a new job or in upward mobility?


Problem: Infatuation with donor “aid”. Effect of this, among others, is that it gives people the view that the donor is key to life, the recipient is worthless. Look at all these expats in Kenya, thanks to the aid. What do you imagine the average wanjiku thinks, seeing these guys in 4x4s and living in villas? “If the guy is having it good in this “poor” country, how it must be in his land!”

Solution: Stop the unnecessary aid. Someone correct me; Do we need all these so called “aid” that we ALL know, impoverishes rather that liberates? Will our economy collapse? There is a lot of money in Kenya. Why don’t we spent it as it should be spent and stop this “give me, give me” nonsense. If we must get money from the west, why, just make bilateral agreements with western governments and get it from all those Kenyans in the west!


Who is going to inform wanjiku that the “expat” is probably in Kenya because he cannot get a satisfying job in the USA? And that he probably would not be driving a 4×4 in the USA nor live in a similar villa? And that if he was the best in his field, he would be walking the boardrooms of American Corporations!

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