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I go to buy from a hardware store and i notice that there is a little black book that Mr shopkeeper enters my purchase in. Now this shop is computerised, and the billing system spits out my receipt in no time. Why is Mr muindi ( i notice mainly the Wahindis doing this-sorry) going through the pain of keeping two records of the transaction? Can anyone enlighten me? Which record does KRA know about?


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I always wonder at the folly Kenyans (and Africans in general) exhibit. Think about this:

You must have heard Mr Kibaki being described as a CEO and that Kenya is akin to a large enterprise. But i wonder, would a major enterprise, e.g. Barclays Bank of Kenya, EABL, Safaricom, or Kenya Airways hire Mr Mwai Kibaki (or Prez Mwai Kibaki) as its chief executive? I doubt. They may make him a chairman, emeritus, or a borad member, no doubt, but CEO? The shareholders would not be happy. And, Barclays Bank is worth, what, < $20b  and with less than 100,000 workers. How comes then that the shareholders of the Republic of Kenya Inc. think it is prudent to hire Mr Mwai Kibaki to oversee > Ksh 300B and manage 33million employees? Is this not great folly?

Mr John McCain is is seeking USA presidency and people are already raising questions about his age (and he is just 71, compared with our over 80s wazees). If Kenya needs to perform as an enterpsise, and we need to hire a CEO, we should always be asking, what was the last enterprise Mr X managed? How successful was he?

Otherwise, kenya shall continue lagging behind every other nation on earth as we foolishly keep hiring people with no track record of performance in smaller companies, to steer a giant company such as Kenya Inc.

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