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For all those Obama fans, here is a first (am i wrong?): a social network centered around Barack obama. Access it through:


What i predict:

(i) Lots of interest

(ii) Quite a number of racial and anti obama sites created withing the network(wonder if they will vet user pages)

(iii) Copy and paste by our zealous kenyans (some wise guy will see this as a way of making money and sell it to one of our presidential hopefuls)


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My heart goes out for all the folks with troubled relationships and broken families, but i must ask, why is anyone surprised that families are breaking apart and marriages are not working and kids have no sense of self-worth?

Look at it this way. You pull out Chuck or Jack and pluck a 15 year old out of high school ( and he may be at the top of his class) and empower him to lead Charles Schwab or General Electric. What do you think will happen to these fine companies? There is no question that they will collapse in no time or their investors will pull out before they are bankrupted. Obviously, while the 15 year may be good in his circle, he lacks the experience required to manage the task he has been assigned.

In the same way, how wise would it be for a 8 year old Barbie girl to advice her Mom on issues to do with her marriage? But this is exactly what the modern society has done with the marriage institution. A host of educated forty something to seventy something Dr Phils and sociologist and psychologist and other *ists, with, what, just 200 years of documented human experience in the subject matter, have been busy providing marriage advice to young men and women.

They say:

you can try out before you commit to marriage”

“a young professional woman with her own income can successfully raise kids, no need for a father”,

“you deserve to be happy, look for it outside the marriage if necessary”

“kids just need quality time, not plenty of attention”

“let the kids decide what is good or bad on her own”

“blat blat” etc.(and more money in the Bank, for them)

The result of all these cotton candy advice and counsel? It is sweet, seems to work for a while, then Bam! Broken marriages. Broken hearts. Less happiness. Less fulfilled lives. Careers with empty lives. Kids that are rebellious and with no sense of self worth. The problem is, we kicked out the one person who understands marriage and is well placed to advice on it and replaced him with stragglers who are just groping in the dark like everyone else (and, i must add, trying to make a living).

We ignore the one person with over 1 million years of experience and who founded and drew the original marriage covenant or contract and replaced him with Dr 70 something years.

Because the originator is so ancient, they teach us to say, “outdated ideas, we are modern society!”.

He says, “No sex before marriage”. We die laughing and say “are you kidding me, who buys a car before test driving it?”;

He says “no adultery in the marriage contract”. We strike it out (as outdated), and say “it is just an affair”;

He says “kids need guidance and directions”. We say “outdated, barbarian. Kids need freedom to discover what is ethical or moral on their own”;

He says “Kids need the blessing of their Father”. We say “they are better off without their father, they just need more toys and celeb role models”

So why is anyone surprised that families are breaking apart and marriages are not working and kids have no sense of self-worth? It is to be expected, really.

Note: The post assumes that you believe there is a God, to be precise, the one talked of in the Jewish Torah and prophets and that the Bible is a true reflection of his intentions to us. (you wish i had told you earlier, eh? Well, now you have no excuse of ignorance, so no apologies!)

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The behaviour of Kenyan motorists that i witnessed recently just adds to my conviction that a government is a reflection of the people that elects or tolerates it, and as such, the general Kenyan population are no better than their government officials and probably deserves them(the officials). In my recent visit to Kenya, i observed a host of such actions, but consider just this one.

I never heard of motorist deliberately and continually running a red light! Even if one got a DL without any driving school education, i would imagine that after a few days on the road, and if one is endowed with a mustard seed of common sense, one soon realises that a red means a complete stop. When approaching a round-about, i asked my brother, who was driving, whether people obeyed the right-of-way concept. His response, “do it at your own peril. Watch what will happen”. And yes, everybody proceeded to disobey the perfectly working lights(red,green etc). I could not believe it! It is as if the logic is “its red, OK, but i bet i can beat that mama, and, there is no cop!”. This happened at all the round-abouts (whatever the spelling!) and at stop signs!

Surely, must there be a “good government” in place or a traffic policeman in sight for people to use common sense to realise that one’s own survival (leave alone that of the general society) dictates obedience to some simple agreed upon contracts or laws? If Kamau on the streets disobeys well laid out regulations, why are people surprised that Mr Kibaki does not follow any laws or agreements? Why are people surprised that a Policeman is unethical?

Granted, a government for the people may help reduce the cases of lawlessness, but i am afraid if the people choose to be base, they will always have a base government.

Thank God i do not have to drive in that mayhem!

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