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Now, those ( Luos ) and other Kenayans, who imagine that Kenya will be an extension of the US, think again. I have good news and bad news.

Bad news first. Foremost, Obama is an American, elected to serve American interests. Period. Secondly, American made him who he is, Kenya did not significantly influence him. But even that asides, why on earth would he over-burden himself with a family/homestead/country that generally abandoned him when he needed them most? Would you? Even more convincing, Obama thinks as an American, and that is why the Americans selected him. Now, if you doubt that, consider the abode occupied by Obama’s paternal grandma.

( They say that Luo men take care of their women. Is that really so? So what happened here? Obama sr. was a strange man. How does a true  (Luo)  man do  what he did to his wife and kids?  )

Ok, the good news.

How can Kenya benefit from the Obama administration. Two suggestions:

  1. Fire Oginga Ogego.
  2. Appoint Auma Obama as ambassador!

1. Fire Oginga Ogego.

Not that he is not effective as an ambassador, but given the history he has with Obama. Ogego had castigated Obama over his interference with Kenyan Affairs.

Hear ye:

“If Kenya is to meet the challenges of the 21st Century and satisfy aspirations of its great people, substantially more progress must be made on the issues of tribalism and corruption,” Senator Obama


While you seem to believe the Government is doing all it can, a number of Kenyan politicians, members of civil society, the media, and many ordinary Kenyans have told me the exact opposite. Many have welcomed my statement as a much-needed call to action,” Senator Obama.

This is the wrong man Kenya should be sending to talk to Obama on her behalf.

2. Appoint Dr. Auma Obama

Once you have fired him, replace Him with ( if you are as smart as i am, you guessed it).  Auma Obama! Stroke of genius.

Why her? Well, they seem to have chemistry when they met for the first time in Chicago.

“There was a lot of apprehension, I had a plan B in case it didn’t work out, but it worked out. We just didn’t stop talking when we met — it was absolutely as if we’d lived together all our lives.” Auma Obama

Still doubting the closeness? He mentioned her by name in his acceptance speech! Who could be better than her?

Bottom line, she will not need to have an appointment to talk to Him. She is family.

Is President Kibaki and PM Raila listening? Now let us see how big a man Kibaki is, and whether Kenyan interest matter more to him or his personal survival interests. ( It really should not be difficult for  him, since he and Obama know each other somewhat. Hopefully he is not afraid of such a choice. )

This is the way to get President Obama’s ear. If not, tell me how best to do this.


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