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There are only two ways ODM can make it in this coalition intact:

  • -by the good grace of the Lord, God
  • -By sheer brain and brawn by ODM and Raila


If Kibaki (or Mt Kenya Mafia, PNU, the kitchen cabinet, or whatever you call them ) had the guts to violently rob power from Kenyans in broad daylight, he certainly did not intend to share it with others. Whatever concessions he made, he certainly was forced to. But, really, he has not ceded much control-considering what ODM has been given.

Now, this is what surprises me. Raila seems to believe ( and i know optimism is a good thing ) that he now has power to make things work well in Kenya. One wonders how he will achieve that; He neither has the purse strings nor the fire power to make “his” ministers from PNU work.

Second, Raila has said that he will personally make sure the IDPs are ressetled and have their lives back. Again, how will he achieve this? The same way Kibaki stole power and has kept it, is the same way most RV kaleos think about the displaced IDPs that are Kikuyus. They are not about to embrace them as “brothers and sisters”, as much as that is desireable. And supposing he actually delivers and the Kikuyu IDPs get resettled OK, i do not see them ever singing the praises of mjaruo Raila for “saving” them, neither do i see them ever voting for him, if he were to run again.

Third, the way the ministries were split up, ODM has shell ministries. For instance, what does ODM’s Medical services ministry do? Set policies, perhaps, for PNU’s Public health Ministry to implement ( Public Health, who has all the money it needs for HIV-AIDS, etc ) . You can immediately see that it will take a miracle for an effective and coordinated effort for these ministries to work.

Fourth, how will ODM ensure that corruption does not occur in the new government? Take fellow ministers to Kibaki’s (or Karua’s and Amos Wako’s and Gicheru’s ) courts?

So, as others have noted, i see 2003 all over again, only this time, since Kibaki may not have fire power over ODM’s ministers, he has effectively neutered them. And given that they are not different from their PNU counterparts, they will perhaps be contented to just seat and “eat”.


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Victims of Kibaki initiated theft

Update: The child shown here is reported to be well and good:

According to Joseph karoki:

Thanks to Reuters Journalist George Phillipas, The child, Brian Solomon Ingozi Mungai has been tracked down and is alive and well!! Brian is living with his relatives in a wooden house in Wakamwa Magumo village, about 45 km (27 miles) west of Nairobi. He is  Fourteen-months-old and is the son of Jeremiah, a Kikuyu.The child escaped unhurt when his mother Grace, a Luyha, was shot dead in front of him during post-election violence in a nearby town.

Everybody knows the origin of the problem in Kenya. And it is obvious ( painfully obvious ) what needs to be done to solve this problem. And i strongly believe that the stolen election was a perfect God-send opportunity for Kenyans to face their dragon and kill it. But alas, we have instead resorted to some blind insistence that there must be another way to apply band-aid to the wound and let everyone get back to normal life. We think, “so what if Kibaki stole the elections and is the president? All we want is for peace to prevail”. ( Well, you are not alone. Even the American ambassador cares nothing for the so called “democracy”-he says there is no need for a re-run, yet he is not calling for Kibaki to step down, meaning, forget the cheating. He seeks a quick fix, that he can go back to “business as usual” and enjoy his lavish lifestyle that he could never have if he were living in the US! Or maybe his statement was meant to fuel the tensions, that the US may have a field day meeting their agendas…)

Now, this is the problem: Kenya is a nation of many nations. Now, only the devil could have devised such a powder keg.

A house divided against itself can not stand –Jesus Christ

Nations have well define characteristics and physically boundaries. The only way you can have n nations existing together in the same space-time continuum is via treaties. Why? Because Nations exists to follow certain distinct agendas, and placed in the same space, these agendas are bound to be at cross purpose with each other. Treaties are the closest “clean ways” that would allow nation A to pursue its goals within the space that nation B lays claims to, and vice versa, without A and B going to war.

Why am i saying this? We all know this. So, why is it that we refuse to do the necessary things?

These are the facts about the geographical space called Kenya:

  • There exists a Kikuyu Nation speaking Gikuyu with an totally Agikuyu agenda
  • There exists a Kalenjin Nation, speaking kalenjin, with a no-Lemindet agenda
  • There exists a Luo nation, speaking dholuo, with a Jo-nam agenda
  • There exists a Maasai nation, speakign maasai, with raching needs..
  • There exists Luhya, Kamba, MijiKenda…….

We all know this.

Fact: These nations have different languages, cultures, beliefs and interests. Why are they all existing within the Kenya space? Did they sign any treaties to the effect? The Kenya constitution? Nonsense. That paperwork only serves the interest of the British and American-educated “tribes” who have and have learnt how to step on their neighbors, without conscience, the same way the British did. What about the 90% or so Kenyans whose lives we happily measure using such terms as “exist on less than $1 day” ?. What agreements did the Kikuyu farmer in El Burgon make with the Kalenjin farmer that enables them to co-exist in the Rift Valley without stepping on each others toes? Where is the agreement that the Maasai signed with the Lords of Flower farmers of Naivasha that takes into account the Maasai need to reach watering holes with their livestock without being electrocuted? ( Ok, so you think it is better to grow flowers and earn billions than to graze cattle on the land? The Maasai does not think so: not a cent of the billions earned in flower exports reach his pockets ).

The stolen election provided an opportune moment for Kenyans to take stock and deal with the issues of the many nations: There was at least a clear divide of who belongs where and who wants what.

( The election stealing-event itself, by the way, goes to show how different the nations can be. To the GEMA-leaning nation, nothing is wrong with such a theft, while to the rest of the nations, theft of such an important national asset is a heinous crime )

This is what should be done. Kenyans should push their leaders in ODM and PNU to formalize the divisions that already exists, and treaties should be drawn now that recognizes the many nations, to enable the harmonious existence of the peoples of the nations of Kenya. And this could be done without unnecessary loss of lives. If we fail to do this, this is what is likely to happen, assuming Kenya does not go the Rwanda way:

If PNU remians in power

  1. Revenge will be swift. Non GEMA ( especially the Kalenjins and the Luos ) will be cut to size. Kalenjin businesses ( Luos and Luhyas have no meaningful businesses) will be starved of credit. The military and the police will be purged of non GEMA elements, especially the Kalenjins
  2. Marginalization will be total ( In fact, “Roads minister” Michuki has already said it will take a very long time to build roads in Nyanza and Western provinces!, meaning, never.)
  3. There will never be a democratic system in Kenya for 1000 years

If ODM gets power

  1. GEMA businesses and civil service will sabotage the ODM government
  2. There may be attempts to marginalize Central Kenya

I consider myself a peace loving fella. But there is a time for peace and a time for storms ( if i may paraphrase Solomon). A time to embrace and a time to push away. There is a time to unite and a time to divide. Kenya is already divided, nobody will miss a formal division.


The fearful middle class. If you keep shouting “peace peace” and get weak knees at this time and Kibaki remains in power, this is what is likely to happen. 30 years from now, when your sons and daughters will be participating in pre-determined elections the Cuban way and Kenya is a failed state like Somalia, you will look back and wish that you had another chance in 2008 make things right: A chance to fight for a democratic system. You will wish that you had another chance to fight for freedom of choice. You will wish that you could take back all the property you protected then, and exchanged it with freedom. You will wish that you had a system that protected every tribe’s interests.

On Kofi Annan: Is he bold enough to suggest the real solution or having stayed at the UN and heard their music so long he forgets what the real issues are? The world failed Rwanda. Here is a chance for one man to help save Kenya.

To ODM leaders: If you believe in something, you must pursue it. Nothing good comes without a price. No freedom ever cam freely. If you let the fact that lives have been lost blur your vision of a total solution to the problem, those very lives would have been lost in vain.

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The two kenyas

There are two Kenyas. In one (The Republic Of Kirinyanga) there is immense Joy (By the way, Kalonzo and Musyimi claim they represent Christ!). In the Other (The Rest of Kenya) there is deep suffering.

deadkisumushot.jpg runfromrally.jpg

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It all started by a civilian coup by former president Kibaki, i.e.stealing the 2007 election in broad daylight.

Then, on 1.2.2008, another coup was carried out, in plain sight.

The military has been deployed to various parts of the country affected by violence following President Kibaki’s re-election.

Government spokesman Alfred Mutua said the military has been deployed to assist in averting a humanitarian crisis. He said the soldiers will help in the distribution of food, blankets and medical supplies in those areas.

All Africa.com Jan 2nd 2008 quoting NationMedia.com

Humanitarian? Really. This government has not shown any humanitarian face, ever. Not since 2003 when they let those who steal money for HIV/AIDs sufferers go scot free. Not since they let scummy organizations such as sasanet pyramid scam billions of shillings from people with need (and greed). Not since the 2007 election results protests began ( how to you lock up a slum such as Kibera and Kisumu, with no power, water or food coming in and then say you are humanitarian ?)

This, i believe is the first steps of a full-fledged military takeover. When the time is ripe, simply make the announcement. The soldiers are already in place.

Is this far-fetched? Hardly. Remember defense minister Njenga Karume sometimes in December 2007, before the polls saying that:

As minister for defense, he will order the military to deal with any post election protest.

Or one tough talking General Mohammed threating Kenyans in the counting halls at KICC. How could they know? This was already pre-planned. The rigging. The clamp down. The talk of Genocide (Thanks to the mad-man Felicen Kabuga, whom they host ). The Military deployment.

Now, if pre-planned, there may be thorny issues to deal with. For example, given that the military is diverse in composition, how to manage control? Soldiers obey order, yes, but can you always count on it? Or you could induct “loyal soldiers” to carry out the humanitarian work ( you, know, like we had a Kibaki-friendly ECK commision and IT staff to work the numbers ). Lets, see, where can we get such people. Aha!. The heartless Mungiki. Maybe that was all the “silencing” them was all about. Away on training. Conspiracy? Hardly.

Lets us hope, rather, let us pray, that the Lord outsmarts the planners of these activities, that having evil intentions, get their schemes turned for public good. May the soldiers outfox them ( Power is sweet, after all ). Let us also pray, that we get a “benevolent” General who hates bloodshed and would like to see a better Kenya. Let us also pray that the General believes, as i do, that the permanent solution to Kenya’s ethnicity problem is a division.

Kenya is already divided, formalize the divisions now.

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“Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.” Matt 12:25

“..Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.” Genesis 11:5

I will call for what everyone knows should happen but no one wants to say: Kenya is divided. Formalize the divisions into two countrylets.

There is no need to fight and kill people you do not like.

Kenya ( as is with all African Nations ) is a nation of nations, in fact, 43+ nations. The boundary of the modern Kenya, as we so well know, was set up by the British, not caring that forcing “peoples” of diverse nations into one nation would create disunity. In fact, the very fact of disunity was desirable in order to manage the “natives”.

At independence, one would have imagined that the first action item for our “visionary” leaders would have been to undo what the colonialist did, but they instead used the same British methods to control their new countries. Subsequent leaders of the nation ( Kenyatta, Moi ) used the same tactics to remain in power. Is anyone surprised that there is so much animosity in 2008? The past is past, but at least let as learn from it.

This is what i will advocate for. The 2007 election results, flawed or not, have shown ( at least initially) that there are two distinct Kenyas:

(i) A Central-leaning Kenya ( let us refer to it as Mt Kenya), that is composed around these provinces: Central, Eastern, Nairobi and parts of North Eastern.

(ii) The rest of Kenya ( let us refer to it as Other Kenya) that is composed of the rest of the provinces.

Now, if the peoples of Mt Kenya feels that their future will not be well served by a leader who hails from the Other Kenya, why force them into such a destiny? It is cruel. In the the same way, if the Other Kenya feels that their future is bleak if they are under the Mt. Kenya leader, why not let them go their separate way?

Let us solve this problem once for all. Let us divide the country into two.

There need not be fighting in order to achieve this. This is what is suggest.

  1. First, the Military should step in and control the situation.
  2. They should have a council with 8 members, all military, each member drawn from one of the 8 large Kenyan groups.
  3. They should announce their intention to divide the country into two, into Mt. Kenya and Other Kenya.
  4. After 0.5/1/ years, they would conduct a referendum where people decide if the divisions should occur.
  5. People should be given a choice of which Kenya they would like to belong to and select their leaders at the same time.

Someone will say, “what if the new countries decide to separate into 43 entities”. Well, stupid people, let them. We all know there is power in unity, but let the fools learn that through experience. Eventually, if they do not starve themselves to death, they will start talking to each other about uniting into one bigger and better Kenya.

This is what should have been done in 1963. Let is do it now. Everything else is but a “band-aid” solution.

Possible contentions

Where are the boundaries to be?: Well, use the election results figures. If you do not like it, tough luck, tell it to the Marines.

What if the Military guys stick on?: Of course, power is sweet, and this is always a danger. You are out of luck. You should have behaved yourself better before. Live with it.

Why only two, we also want our own country?. Tough luck, what is divided is divided. Complain later your new leader.

I want to live in Mt. Kenya, but all my assets are in the Other Kenya: Three possibilities. Consider some type of compensation for you, just write it off as loss or Keep living in the Other Kenya and abide by the laws of that land.

Well, i do not like it. Tough luck. Tell it to the Marines.

Ok, it is now 2017 and it did not work. At least we gave it a trial. Why did you not come up with a better solution in 2008?


If you feel like commenting, please suggest a solution, do not just write crap such “we have lived side by side these 40 years. It is the selfish politicians that divide us, blah blah “.

Note: I am free to keep adding to this post ( it is mine ) since i do not have the time right now to be more precise and concise.

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