This is a prophecy from one who is NOT a prophet, but prophesies after a heavy meal of pina calata gone awry.

People keep bashing Kalonzo, and make fun of his “miracle” statement.

But, going by past occurances, Kalonzo will be a president in Kenya. Why?

The presidency of Kenya has always gone ( so far ) to those who never sought it. It has always been given, i dare say, by the providence of the good Lord, to whomsoever he chose!

Kenyatta never sought to be president. Not that much. Apparently Jaramogi gave it to him on a silver platter.

Moi never sought to be president. As they say, he was pulled out of a classroom to be a politician and “providence” gave him the presidency.

Kibaki never really sought badly to be president, more so after the accident, but thanks to Raila, he got it.

Now consider those who had a burning desire to be president: Mboya, Njonjo, Karanja, Saitoti, Raila.

Kalonzo’s greatest ambition is not to be president, but rather to be loved by people, but lo and behold, he is just one step away from the presidency of Kenya.

Ladies and gentlemen, Kalonzo shall be president, even if for just 90 days. And after that, Ruto shall arise out of the Rift Valley with great force.


So china’s ship bearing “goods”-arms, etc, for Zimbabwe, having been refused offload permission in RSA and Mozabique, is off to open seas?. They need not return to china. They can dock in Mombasa, and the GoK will happily help ship these goods to Zimbabwe.

First, i was really elated to know that RSA and Zimbabwe refused to allow such arms, knowing just too well what the “duly elected president” Mugabe would use them for. I am also happy to read that

“South Africa’s dock workers also said they would refuse to unload the shipment, a call backed up by the country’s powerful coalition of trade unions.”

More men like Prof. Wangari maathai needed

Second, i think Professor Wangari did a proud thing by rejecting to be part of the Olympic torch March. China can not change from within to be more “humane”. Only such “shaming” displays might help make them have a little “feeling” when they do things. As the “Genocide Olympics” protest showed, this tactic actually works, as it hits them at a vulnerable point.

Now back to kenya. I do remember that early this year, there was a similar shipment of about 4000 ( or was it 400,000? ) pieces of arms Kenya imported from the same Chinese company. I know the GoK can buy arms from whomever it wants, but hat was not the right time for such goods ( especially since we really did not have a known government at that time ). And, who knows into whose hands the arms fell? Surely, you can not believe the government’s explanation then that those were routine shipment meant for Police force. In any case, having just “lied” about the election, why would they tell the truth about the arms?

But that is all gone now ( and fortunately we do not have investigative reporters to unearth for us wheather the arms ended in Central or the RV ), but what we missed was COTU and an Atwoli urging the dock workers not to handle the cargo then.

Lead Plant in Nakuru

But there is something we can still do. There is something we can force China’s hand in. The secretive Lead smelting plant in Nakuru. Where are the activists NGOs? Where are the Egerton university students going to Nakuru and protesting about this plant?. China has no conscience. China ( just like most most Nations ) does not care that Africans in Nakuru will die of cancer or that their children will be born with deformities. The poor mothers will probably think it was just God’s will.

Think. If some Chinese companies could ship toys containing too much lead to US retailers, can you imagine the number of Chinese-made products with unacceptable levels of lead and other harmful compounds being sold in Kenya’s stores?

Genocide Olympics

But, the chinese care immensely about “honor” and “shame”. If something is going to dishonor them, they will listen to avoid such dishonor coming their way. We in Kenya, who are closer to the Sudan, should join Spielberg and protest at Chinese support for the murderous government of the Sudan. Maybe we should protest at their local ventures ( those road construction companies-we can give the contract to Kirinyaga Construction Co. ), and threaten not to buy “made in China”.

But i doubt we will. Apart from Prof. Wangari, kenya does not have men having any beliefs. Or we won’t, perhaps because the same unbridled desires that drives them, drives all of us.

On a mellower note: Or perhaps it is the time of the Beast of the East, and our protests will not have a lasting effect. Perhaps the Dragon of old has awaken. Woe unto those in his path.

This is my land, this is your land, the Land is big enough for us

What is the message here?

Several come to mind:

  1. We are one, and are all united for one purpose.
      The purpose? To have it good over here, while you survive on less than $1/day,stupid. We are your leaders.
  2. In the new government, everyone wins
    • You longing for the Moi days? These are the Moi days.
    • You love Kibaki’s style of doing things? Kazi inaendelea.
    • You believe Kenya needs a leader like Raila? Behold, happy days are ahead.
    • Looking for supernatural help to get Kenya into vision 2035? Kalonzo has a miracle.
  3. The only thing that does not change is change itself. Kenya will remain vivo hivyo
  4. No businessman need panic. Your man is in power.
    • Made campaign contributions to any of the three? You did not lose. Payday is coming.
    • Made money in the Moi days? You still can
  5. And, finally, Moi is telling us: “Look at my Children, all playing together nice and good,. I told ya, i am the professor of politics”

Disclaimer: This is not a serious post, but my YADA YADA for the day.

In Moi’s time there was one man, Nicholas Biwott, whose activities you would do well to watch. He would be Minister wherever there was something big to be had.

In Kibaki’s time, the point man is John Michuki.  If you want to know where the next big thing is at, watch where he gets assigned. Samples: Minister of Transport ( Seat belts, KBS out, City Hoppa in, etc), Minister of Information ( Safaricom, BPO, Optical cable), Minister for  Internal Security (Elections, provincial administration, etc).

Now, he is minister of Minerals. That should tell you something.

There are only two ways ODM can make it in this coalition intact:

  • -by the good grace of the Lord, God
  • -By sheer brain and brawn by ODM and Raila


If Kibaki (or Mt Kenya Mafia, PNU, the kitchen cabinet, or whatever you call them ) had the guts to violently rob power from Kenyans in broad daylight, he certainly did not intend to share it with others. Whatever concessions he made, he certainly was forced to. But, really, he has not ceded much control-considering what ODM has been given.

Now, this is what surprises me. Raila seems to believe ( and i know optimism is a good thing ) that he now has power to make things work well in Kenya. One wonders how he will achieve that; He neither has the purse strings nor the fire power to make “his” ministers from PNU work.

Second, Raila has said that he will personally make sure the IDPs are ressetled and have their lives back. Again, how will he achieve this? The same way Kibaki stole power and has kept it, is the same way most RV kaleos think about the displaced IDPs that are Kikuyus. They are not about to embrace them as “brothers and sisters”, as much as that is desireable. And supposing he actually delivers and the Kikuyu IDPs get resettled OK, i do not see them ever singing the praises of mjaruo Raila for “saving” them, neither do i see them ever voting for him, if he were to run again.

Third, the way the ministries were split up, ODM has shell ministries. For instance, what does ODM’s Medical services ministry do? Set policies, perhaps, for PNU’s Public health Ministry to implement ( Public Health, who has all the money it needs for HIV-AIDS, etc ) . You can immediately see that it will take a miracle for an effective and coordinated effort for these ministries to work.

Fourth, how will ODM ensure that corruption does not occur in the new government? Take fellow ministers to Kibaki’s (or Karua’s and Amos Wako’s and Gicheru’s ) courts?

So, as others have noted, i see 2003 all over again, only this time, since Kibaki may not have fire power over ODM’s ministers, he has effectively neutered them. And given that they are not different from their PNU counterparts, they will perhaps be contented to just seat and “eat”.

I was listening to the initial trial of the 6 Florida girls who beat their peer senseless, and uploaded the video they recorded of the beating to youTube, and as i expected, you get the idea that these girls have no idea what hit them ( i mean , if they even had a clue, that what they were doing might have be wrong, they would not have uploaded that video ).

One of them, with her freckled face, kept shaking her head as she hears the Judges words:

charged with kidnapping, battery.., you will not use the internet/chat room.. including but not limited to mySpace, youTube,. will not go anywhere near (high school function), curfew.., house arrest,..

To these girls, electronic communication and the love of “freedom” to participate in school activities is their life, and those words are their sentencing already began.

I hear the mention of “possible life” sentence, and i think. This is so so cruel.

Why? Because these girls did not understand that what they were doing was wrong ( if they did, there would not have been a youtube video). These girls are innocent. Period.

Normally, to know, you must learn. These are the sources of such learning information:

Parents: Traditionally ( as is still the case is most non-developed and “uncivilized” societies ), parents serve as the teachers of morality. They tell their kids what is wrong and what is right. “Johhny, do not touch the candle!” “Ashley, you can not hit your brother!”. Alas, not any more in America. Most parents in America believe they have developed enough to the point that they do not require such old fashioned ideas being shoved down their kids throats. There is no absolute truth. The kids will determine for themselves what is right or wrong when they grow up.

The Schools: American schools have no moral right or authority to instill right and goodness in kids. They are free to teach them anything under the sun, except how to be a good and moral person in society.

The Church: The American church has lost its moral authority to teach anything. In any case, the church is made up of the same Parents. American church is a “feel good society”. Nothing more. Woe unto you if you even try to point out that a certain action is sinful or not moral scripturally. You will be labeled a “condemner” of people, a “holier-than-thou” and hater of people. And, if you happen to be an outsider from Africa like me, you get that silent look of “what do you know?”. In any case, there is no such thing as sin. Deep inside, we are ALL good. We make mistakes, because of our human “flaws”. Sin? That is laughable.

The Bible: The only book with moral ideals, has been thrown outside the school compounds in America. Yet, the very laws that are now being used to judge the girls, are pulled right out of the Bible ( the so called Judeo-Christian teachings on which most western society’s laws are based )

Now consider the voices that the American kids listen to for instruction: Broadcast Media, social online sites, fellow ignorant peers, video games. In fact, as instructed by video games ( which only a fool would deny is a great teaching tool for kids ), how do you deal with your enemies: beat them up or shoot them!

So, is it not cruel, to raise these kids, telling them right/wrong is relative, and providing them with absolutely no tools or idea on how to make distinctions between what is right and what is wrong, then, when they act according to what they think is right ( right/wrong is all relative, in any case ), the law suddenly descends on them with full force?. At what point in their lives are they expected to understand that beating an “enemy” senseless is wrong? Wrong according to whose standards?

In all fairness, the following people should also be in that courtroom standing side by side with those poor girls: their Parents, their teachers, their Media creators, their priest and pastors, the social opinion shapers, etc.

American, and most of Europe, is reaping the results of ignoring the existence of an absolute set of standards. Standards not based on human thought and experimentation, but standards based on the belief of truth external to humans.

My fellow Kenyans, in your deep and senseless desire to be “white”, you follow along without question. This is deep folly without salvation.

I am no expert in financial ( and especailly IPO) matters, but here are my thoughts about the fears/falsehoods of the Safaricom IPO.

(i) Why are they selling it so low or is that the worth?

They ( them ) want to buy it cheap. And they want you to support it, so they let you also eat a little. Say you get your 2,000 shares. You own ( 0.0000565% of the 25% of safaricom ). Each of them get their 100m shares. One of the them now own 2.85% of 25% of safaricom. He has 50,000X more than you. Based on this transaction alone, his life is gonna be improved 50,000X yours! If the shares were priced at Ksh 30, he would not buy as many shares.

(ii) Will i make a kill?

They do not care whether you do or do not, as long as you think you will, they are happy. They are waiting to snap up what you are willing to sell. Now, if you sell at Ksh 30 ( look my shares increased by 600% ! ), they buy them all at $0.5 a share. That my dear, is still a bargain for a profitable modern phone company. Now he has 200m more shares. He owns 9% of 25% of safaricom.

(iii) The shares will drop below Ksh5 after listing.

Not likely, surely Ksh 5 is low enough. But if they did, much much better for them. As (ii) suggested, they are waiting to snap them up, so, that is the best thing that could happen to them. If the shares drop to Ksh 2.5, you may start thinking, well, let me let them go before it gets worse, and rush to sell. Your loss. Wise investors buy when the people are panic selling.

(iv) I do not know who owns Mobitelea, so i suspect the deal.

Odegle Nyang could not have said it better:

are you going to stop buying this share from GOK just because you dont know who the other owners are? and when you normally buy shares at the NSE, do you normally insist on knowing the others million shareholders before placing a bid?

Same question: Are you in the US? DO you own stocks? Do you own mutual funds? Do you know who else owns the same funds? Do you know that some of the investors brought money from dubious ( drug, blood diamonds, etc ) gains? Do you own KenGen or EABL or Unga? So does Pattni, Somaia, Biwott, Moi, Kabuga.

(iv) Why allow foreigners to buy public property so cheaply?

Let us assume safaricom is as valuable as they say it is. Why allow foreigners to compete with Kenyans at such a low price? We all know, the best way to kill these 2 two birds with one stone, is to sell to the retail kenyan public as much shares as they need, and let the foreigners buy it from the public after listing. Then you are assured of post IPO price increase ( and mwananchi gains) and Kenya gets $$$$ from the outsiders. OK, what did we say? These foreigners are them! That is why they are allocated a huge portion. [ Who knows, perhaps, when the foreigners are ready to send their chapa to pay, the $ may strengthen vs the Ksh. Keep watching ]

(v) I have principles, this deal is not clean!

The duly elected GOK were adamant in selling this public company ( including your portion, despite your protest ) and they have. Perhaps you can still protest by buying and keeping your share of the company, and using your proceeds to do a good cause. Remember, the company was paid for by you. If “thieves” ( Mobitelea Ventures Ltd, Vodafone, they ) steal from you, and they offer to return a micro portion of what they stole, why would you reject it?

(vi) How can i protest this?

The best way would have been to protest at Safaricom by public mass action whereby we all say, “we are not using safaricom until Jopseph tells us who Mobitelea is and Kimunya makes everything transparent”. But, we are Kenyans. We are ignorant that we posses such powers. And we plain do not just care, as long as we make a few Shillings killing.

But, you can still protest, modestly. If you believe the foregoing arguments, then the best way is to buy the shares and dig in for as long as it takes. By doing so, you will deny them the chance to grab more of this property cheaply. Look at it that the money you put in ( 10K, or 50K) was lost. But then again, no gain without risks.

(Vii) Bottom line, this is the new in-the-open Land Grabbing

You see my Friend, this is the new Land Grabbing scheme. Moi and his boys used crude methods ( though they wisened up towards the end- e.g. Mobitelea etc). Their MOD was: all for me, nothing for you. But these new boys on the Hill ( Kimunya, Stanley, Jimna, Jimmy, John ) they are smart. They do it openly, and with your blessing. 200,000,000 for me, 2,000 for you. And, because we are all greedy ( and are Land Grabbers at heart ), we bite the bait.

(viii) My call: a buy

So, i will write off 200K, put aside 20K for the IPO, and 180K to wait for the villager to to sell his. If i lose my 200K, at least i will have helped inject $3K into the KE economy.