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Think about it:

We talk about the wonders of science, technology and medicine, but fail to mention that the majority of the developing world ( especially in Africa ) have actually been regressing since these wonders began to occur.

Someone will respond with the usual arguments and say,

  • “Before modern medicine came to Africa, child mortality rate was very high
  • Before modern medicine came to Africa, people died of simple preventable diseases”

Science has worked wonders in the west, no doubt. The opposite has occurred in Africa. Consider the facts:

  • Life expectancy continues to drop in Africa while it is rising in the west
  • I believe the usual culprit ( HIV/AIDS ) is an exemption ( excuse? symptom? ) rather than the reason. For example, Ethiopia and Somalia do not have high rates of infection.
  • In America, scientist and policy makers are now discussing possibilities using technology to slow the aging process, promising life expectancy of 150+
  • Food shortage is increasing in Africa while there is over supply of food in the west
  • According to APPMA , the 2008 USA expenditure on pets is $43.4B. This includes food, medical care and general well being. There are 71m homes with pets.
  • In fact, most African children would live better lives if they were to be adopted as pets in the west!
  • Perhaps this “petting” of African kids will occur “naturally”, and we will be okay with it, the same way we have no problem with Madonna, BraNgelina, others adopting kids from distressed families in Africa
  • More Africans die of preventable diseases and newer “western” diseases than before
  • More Africans die from unnatural causes ( wars, environmental pollution, etc ) than they did before the introduction of modern technology to Africa
  • Generally, affluence increases in the west, while it generally decreases in Africa

Again, consider that:

As life expectancy rises in the west, newer challenges are coming up. Newer resources would be needed to support this “new” population. The world has a fixed supply of resources, so resources have to be moved around somehow. For example, there is need for more medical support personnel to assist the longer living non-working population in the USA, UK, CA and Australia. So far, it seems, the answer has been to draw these well trained people from developing nations to meet this need.

So, science has greatly benefited people in the developed world. The benefits of science, technology and medicine is very minimal for the vast majority of Africans.

Given that A1=Advancement in science, technology and medicine, L1=Better Lifestyle in the West, L2=Better lifestyle in the Africa, H1=Good Health in the west, H2=Good Health in Africa, G1=Increased longevity in the west, G2=Increased longevity in the Africa

I posit that:

A1 Directly proportional to(L1)(H1)(G1),

A1 Directly proportional to 1/(L2)(H2)(G2)

The Constant of proportionality includes such things as negative impacts of ethnicity in Africa, uneven playing field for scramble for limited resources, race and politics and human to human relations between the west and Africa.

It is also quite obvious, that while the practice of science helped reduced poverty in the west, it’s application is increasingly becoming expensive and out of reach for poor people. Science has become very expensive. How then do you buy it, and use it to drive youself out of poverty?

Perhaps it is time Africa stopped believing that the current practice of science is beneficial to her, and found newer ways to practice science, technology and medicine. Ways that worked for her.

But will anyone listen? No, we shall continue to drum and shout about the wonders of science, technology and medicine.


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