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There are only two ways ODM can make it in this coalition intact:

  • -by the good grace of the Lord, God
  • -By sheer brain and brawn by ODM and Raila


If Kibaki (or Mt Kenya Mafia, PNU, the kitchen cabinet, or whatever you call them ) had the guts to violently rob power from Kenyans in broad daylight, he certainly did not intend to share it with others. Whatever concessions he made, he certainly was forced to. But, really, he has not ceded much control-considering what ODM has been given.

Now, this is what surprises me. Raila seems to believe ( and i know optimism is a good thing ) that he now has power to make things work well in Kenya. One wonders how he will achieve that; He neither has the purse strings nor the fire power to make “his” ministers from PNU work.

Second, Raila has said that he will personally make sure the IDPs are ressetled and have their lives back. Again, how will he achieve this? The same way Kibaki stole power and has kept it, is the same way most RV kaleos think about the displaced IDPs that are Kikuyus. They are not about to embrace them as “brothers and sisters”, as much as that is desireable. And supposing he actually delivers and the Kikuyu IDPs get resettled OK, i do not see them ever singing the praises of mjaruo Raila for “saving” them, neither do i see them ever voting for him, if he were to run again.

Third, the way the ministries were split up, ODM has shell ministries. For instance, what does ODM’s Medical services ministry do? Set policies, perhaps, for PNU’s Public health Ministry to implement ( Public Health, who has all the money it needs for HIV-AIDS, etc ) . You can immediately see that it will take a miracle for an effective and coordinated effort for these ministries to work.

Fourth, how will ODM ensure that corruption does not occur in the new government? Take fellow ministers to Kibaki’s (or Karua’s and Amos Wako’s and Gicheru’s ) courts?

So, as others have noted, i see 2003 all over again, only this time, since Kibaki may not have fire power over ODM’s ministers, he has effectively neutered them. And given that they are not different from their PNU counterparts, they will perhaps be contented to just seat and “eat”.


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