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First, i have loved Luos, love Luos and will always love Luos. But it never ceases to amaze me how Luos think, and talk.

To the point:

  • Luo Thinking: “this is nothing, i will do it”, whether he has considered the problem or not
  • Luo Speaking: bravado, bravado, bravado.

Raila singlehandedly solves the IDP problem without support from RV MPs

Listen to Raila on IDP problem: “I will make it my personal responsibility to make sure the IDPs are resettled”.
Now, that would be wonderful thought. But why not keep it to yourself, and think about the root cause of the problem and talk in general terms ( what good is there in making a promise that you may not keep? ). Now consider:

  • Who caused the problem that now appears as the IDP problem? Not Raila. It was Kibaki and Moi and Kenyatta, and some pale skinned Queen in a far far away land. For those needing some learning, there is a problem similar to the Kenyan situation. It is known as the Israeli-Palestinian land problem.
  • The Kalenjins supported Raila in 2007, hoping he would help them deal with their enemy ( i am not saying the Kikuyu are the real enemies of the Kalenjins, but the Land issue has made them be the visible enemies ). But now, they listen to Raila’s words they think “Is he for us or against us”.
  • Whatever good Raila has attempted, Kibaki has thrown chairs into his path. Why does he not concentrate on something else, and let Kibaki deal with the land issue? Surely there is enough work to be done ( ensuring Fishermen of Lake Victoria have a fair market for the produce, helping Western Kenya Farmers benefit from their sugar cane farms, etc) Why do the dirty job for Kibaki? Will he thank you? Will the IDPs thank you ( and vote for you )? Will you still have your support from the Kalenjin?
  • Listen to Moi: Perhaps you should heed Moi’s advice, when he said about you and your pledge to tackle the RV land issue: “Ilinishinda. Unafikiri utaweza?”

On the Mungiki Problem, Raila says “Lets talk about your problem. It is economic.

Your enemies said that you talk too much. On this point, i tend to agree with them. Perhaps “too much talk” was Ok when ODM was campaigning, but know things have changed. Every Kenyan hates the Mungiki ( except perhaps for the unfortunate Mother or Wife whose man is a Mungiki, and some Kikuyus who have not been touched by their evil and still believe the Mungiki is their secret army defending their rights). 99% of Kenyans will not lose sleep if all the Mungiki were rounded up, millstones tied on their necks and dropped in the Indian Ocean.

That notwithstanding, something to think about:

  • The Mungiki hate you. To them, you are a boy who is trying to take from them what they have worked hard to achieve.
  • The Mungiki problem is not just a “youth without jobs” problem. As one of them said, they run a billion shilling extortion enterprise and what not. Furthermore, youths in other parts of Kenya face worse unemployment than those in Central, but they do not resort to doing the “mungiki” thing.
  • You may not fully understand the spirit behind the Mungiki, so you can not solve their problem. Michuki, Karua, Kibaki, Saitoti and Kenyatta understand Mungiki. It is their child. Let them deal with their wayward child.

In just 2 years, Orengo reverses the 100+ years of land injustice

Now listen to Orengo yap

“he will forcibly repossess grabbed land where evidence of graft has been cited.”

“He said all public land allocations will not be done orally and said that even the President will have to put down such requests in writing.”

“He said he will not consult the Attorney-General for advice on such obvious matters, adding that he shall proceed to right historical injustices inflicted upon Kenyans by the previous regimes.”

Phew.( The Bold text is mine.)

Now, listening to Orengo, one would imagine he had the powers of the president of the United States of America. One would imagine the Courts of the land were loyal to him and would do his bidding. One would imagine that all the enemies that he would create would somehow be unable to touch him. He is an intelligent man, no doubt and is just blowing hot air, otherwise, we all know, if he began to effect even just 1% of what he says here, we would soon say of him:

“so much promise, so much vigor. We hardly knew thee”.

Understanding Luospeak

Luos speak talk big. Perhaps other Kenyans would not be too wary of their ways if they realised that Luo speak is much ado about nothing. Among the Luo, there is something known as “Pakruok“, which loosely translated means, “bragging rights”. All those “Agwambo”, “Owad gi Akinyi”, “Tinga”, “Chuma liet Kimak” are just that, pakruok. Hot air. ( The site jaluo dot com even has a section labeled Od Pakruok or “Where people Brag” ).

So, how does the Brag help them? Luos like to “feel-anga good”. Such talk makes them feel good. People say Luos are proud. But i do not agree. Proud of what? Wealth? Achievements (Which?)? They are simply engaging in self promotion. They never are as important as what they would want you to believe. Unfortunately, other Kenyans do not know this, and the Luos themselves are blind to the fact that their attitude comes out as pride, and it scares others away and closes doors to them.

But sometimes, if you engage in too much Pakruok, you may start believing in those things you say about yourself. Let’s just hope that Orengo is not confusing his “paper” powers with real power that solves land problems on the ground. Lets hope that Raila does not believe that he is indeed “Agwambo” and that his PM position has powers that will enable him to set Kenya on the right path. If his PM powers had money and fire-power, he would, but, he has neither.

So, dear Kenyans: Ignore all that attention seeking bravado.


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