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It all started by a civilian coup by former president Kibaki, i.e.stealing the 2007 election in broad daylight.

Then, on 1.2.2008, another coup was carried out, in plain sight.

The military has been deployed to various parts of the country affected by violence following President Kibaki’s re-election.

Government spokesman Alfred Mutua said the military has been deployed to assist in averting a humanitarian crisis. He said the soldiers will help in the distribution of food, blankets and medical supplies in those areas.

All Africa.com Jan 2nd 2008 quoting NationMedia.com

Humanitarian? Really. This government has not shown any humanitarian face, ever. Not since 2003 when they let those who steal money for HIV/AIDs sufferers go scot free. Not since they let scummy organizations such as sasanet pyramid scam billions of shillings from people with need (and greed). Not since the 2007 election results protests began ( how to you lock up a slum such as Kibera and Kisumu, with no power, water or food coming in and then say you are humanitarian ?)

This, i believe is the first steps of a full-fledged military takeover. When the time is ripe, simply make the announcement. The soldiers are already in place.

Is this far-fetched? Hardly. Remember defense minister Njenga Karume sometimes in December 2007, before the polls saying that:

As minister for defense, he will order the military to deal with any post election protest.

Or one tough talking General Mohammed threating Kenyans in the counting halls at KICC. How could they know? This was already pre-planned. The rigging. The clamp down. The talk of Genocide (Thanks to the mad-man Felicen Kabuga, whom they host ). The Military deployment.

Now, if pre-planned, there may be thorny issues to deal with. For example, given that the military is diverse in composition, how to manage control? Soldiers obey order, yes, but can you always count on it? Or you could induct “loyal soldiers” to carry out the humanitarian work ( you, know, like we had a Kibaki-friendly ECK commision and IT staff to work the numbers ). Lets, see, where can we get such people. Aha!. The heartless Mungiki. Maybe that was all the “silencing” them was all about. Away on training. Conspiracy? Hardly.

Lets us hope, rather, let us pray, that the Lord outsmarts the planners of these activities, that having evil intentions, get their schemes turned for public good. May the soldiers outfox them ( Power is sweet, after all ). Let us also pray, that we get a “benevolent” General who hates bloodshed and would like to see a better Kenya. Let us also pray that the General believes, as i do, that the permanent solution to Kenya’s ethnicity problem is a division.

Kenya is already divided, formalize the divisions now.


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